In 2022 the Grissom Class of 1972 will celebrate it's 50th reunion. In order to plan for this momentous event, we will be forming a planning committee soon to help organize this event. Your answers and comments to this survey will help the planning committee in developing your 50th reunion. Please take a few minutes and provide your answers to questions and comments to this survey. Your input is very important. Thanks

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1)   Would you attend a 50th high school reunion ?

  Not sure
2)   Best time of year to schedule 50th reunion?

  Doesn’t matter. I’ll be there.
3)   Would you prefer

  An evening event
  A family event - picnic
  Or both
4)   For an Evening event, would you prefer

  A reception event
  A catered event with music
5)   What format of music do you most prefer for reunion events?

  No music
  Live Band
6)   Would you prefer a social mixer a day before the main event?

  No social mixer
  Yes social mixer
7)   What should be the cost of the main event?

  $50 a couple/ $25 single
  $100 a couple/$50 single
  $150 a couple/$75 single
  $200 a couple/ $100 single
  $250 a couple/ $125 single
  I hit the lottery and will fund entire reunion
8)   Would you be interested in Touring the new Grissom High School?

9)   Would you be interested in other events ; such as, Golf tournament etc.?

10)   Are you interested in participating on the 50th year reunion planning committee?

11)   The GHS Class of 1972 website is funded through 2022. What should we do?

  Let the website terminate.
  Keep the website going but unavailable to help fund it.
  Keep the website going and I am able to help fund it.
12)   Other 50th reunion comments, please provide below.