50th Reunion - Date & Guest/Spouse


We are currently in the beginning stages of planning our 50th reunion and are visiting venues next week to hold our main event.  

From the previous survey results we have come up with two dates in July and would like to hear from you on which one you would prefer.  In addition as we choose the venue, we need an estimate of possible attendee's.  In the first survey we asked if you would attend, now we need to know whether or not you would bring your spouse or a guest.

We have created a new survey for you to complete on our GHS Website with these two questions.  Please go on the website at your earliest convenience and let us know your preferences by completing the survey.

And if you haven't yet completed the Pre 50th Reunion Survey, please also complete that.  This is your reunion and we want to plan it to fit as many classmates preferences as we can!

We are so excited to be planning this momentous 50th Class Reunion and are hoping to get to see many classmates again!

Donna Booth

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1)   Which date would you preferer the main event in July, 2022?

  Saturday, July 16th
  Saturday, July 23rd
  Both work for me
  I can't attend either date
2)   Would you bring a guest/spouse to the main event?