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We want to send out a HUGE THANK YOU to everyone that has donated to the Domain & Website Renewal.  We reached our goal of $271 to renew our Domain through 09/12/2030, $1485 to renew our Website through 09/12/2032 and $105 to renew our Secure Certificate Subscription through 03/10/2032.  

Class Creator Site Subscription     Exp. 9/12/2032
Domain Name      Exp. 9/12/2030
Secure Certificate Subscription     Exp. 3/10/2032

UPDATE - Donna Booth renewed our Secure Certificate Subscription for 2 additional years after recieving donations this past May.  Class Creator recommends purchasing a Secure Certificate so all pages of our site show as being "Secure" no matter where a user is on your site.  Secure Certificate is the very best way to secure all of our site information and transactions, as well as instill confidence in our users.

Domain Pricing is $24/year for 2 or more years + $8 per year to protect. We still need to extend our Domain name for 2 years ($74) to equal our Subscription.  


•   Robin Pilling (Beidleman)  7/19
•   Nancy Fellows (Sims)  7/20
•   Thomas Brown  7/21
•   Joe Galloway  7/21
•   Mary Diane Goodman (Waits)  7/21
•   Gene Miller  7/21
•   Darrel Dawson (Dawson)  7/23
•   Curt Williams  7/24
•   John Hall (Hall)  7/26
•   Sharron Bell (Bullard)  7/28
•   Paul Vanderheyden  7/28
•   Susan Chasteen  7/29
•   Denise Plonka (Carroll)  7/29
•   Kathy Maxey (Williams)  7/30
•   Becky Rumbley (Reeves)  7/30
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•   Virginia Ray (Thompson)  5/2
•   Donna Booth  2/9
•   Rick Burnett  1/30
•   Joey Debs  1/12
•   Alicia Lose (Brooke)  1/8
•   Denise Clark (Madry)  1/5
•   Michael Milligan  10/31
•   Mark Ford  10/1
•   Roger Gibson  8/25
•   Don Beck  6/30
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Who lives where - click links below to find out.

132 live in Alabama
1 lives in Alaska
3 live in Arizona
3 live in Arkansas
5 live in California
5 live in Colorado
2 live in Connecticut
18 live in Florida
20 live in Georgia
2 live in Illinois
1 lives in Indiana
1 lives in Kansas
2 live in Louisiana
1 lives in Maryland
1 lives in Massachusetts
1 lives in Michigan
1 lives in Mississippi
2 live in Montana
1 lives in New York
7 live in North Carolina
2 live in Ohio
1 lives in Oklahoma
3 live in Oregon
3 live in Pennsylvania
6 live in South Carolina
19 live in Tennessee
12 live in Texas
1 lives in Utah
2 live in Virginia
4 live in Washington
1 lives in Spain
1 lives in Thailand
226 location unknown
74 are deceased


Know the email address of a missing Classmate? Click here to contact them!


Percentage of Joined Classmates: 54.8%

A:   279   Joined
B:   230   Not Joined
(totals do not include deceased)



"Our Military Heros"

If you, your spouse, or children are serving or have served in the military, please share you military service pictures with your classmates. Just click "Our Military Heros" in the left margin and follow the instructions. And again, Thank You for your service.



Welcome Classmate

We’ll try to keep our website up to date with the latest news and any class plans.  Please stop by frequently and look at “Classmates Chatter”  (one the left side) were we will keep updates, announcements & happenings in one place.   In the years to come we’ll try to schedule a few ways of getting together – at reunion time as well as other moments we can continue to strengthen & build the bond between us.

If any of your contact information changes, be sure to update it on your profile as this will continue to be our way of keeping in touch.  In addition, if you have any information on missing classmates send it to us so we can update their information.

Keep well and keep in touch.  We hope to see you soon!

A Few Helpful Hints:

  • If you are a missing classmate and DO NOT crying wish to join the website, just click "contact us" in the top margin of this page, send us an email requesting name removal and we will remove your name from the missing classmates list.
  • This home page plays music when it is opened. To turn off the music frown just scroll down the page to the MP3 player and click the pause button. The other pages may have music or audio to, you must also pause the music on the home page to hear the audio on other pages.
  • Take a few minutes to visit the Memory Pagebroken heart. Honor the memories of  classmates who are no longer with us by adding your thoughts or personal stories under the classmates you knew. If you know of a deceased classmate who is not shown on the Memory page or want us to add comments, a favorite song or more specific details about someone who is, scroll to the bottom of the Memory page, click where it says, "click here," and follow the prompts to send us your information.

  • If you, or your spouse, or children are serving or have served in the military, please share your military service pictures with your classmates. Just click "Our Military Heroes" heart in the left margin and follow the instructions. And, thanks for your service.
  • Be sure to also join us on Facebook at:
  • Grissom Yearbooks for most years are available on CD at





 This site isn't about waistlines, hairlines or credit lines.

It's about lifelines.

It's about reconnecting with our friends from some of the best years of our lives!